0123Movies became popular in 2017 after the original 123Movies has been shutted down by the government. At that time there were millions of people who loved to watch movies everyday on this site and after it was closed they had to go somewhere else. It was the perfect timing for 0123Movies, a brand new website at that time, who figured out how to offer good quality and a wonderful experience for their visitors and succeeded "to catch" a big part of the 123Movies fans who were searching for alternative sites where they can keep watching their favorite movies and series for free.

Not all the sites successfully manage this big amount of popularity gained in a very short time but somehow 0123Movies looked very prepared for this growth and improved their website even more as the popularity was increasing day after day. 0123Movies is now hosting a massive database which contains nearly 50.000 episodes and 10.000 movies. Old, new, popular, unkown, english or foreign, comedy, action, drama, cartoons, all kind of genres are available on 0123Movies because all the people have diferent tastes and we want to offer the best content for everyone who visit our website.

A few years have passed since 0123Movies is among the best streaming sites and they are still working hard everyday to maintain this website in top. We don't know how many of you know about the months or years of work that are necessary for keeping a big website like 0123Movies online and fully functional, ready to stream everyday thousands of movies in the same time for visitors around the world and all that for free, without any costs or registration. We are sure 0123Movies passed the test of time and as they gained the trust of everyone in this industry, it is ready to keep going up and increase its popularity by constantly making updates on their website and publishing the latest movies and episodes daily.

Sometimes there might be a few pops and ads on 0123Movies and this fact may bother you. We want to assure you that it bothers us too and we don't have any control over it. All the video content published on 0123Movies is hosted on the servers of a non-affiliate third party and we just took the content from them and offer a mirror on our website, that's why we can't always control the amount of advertising you see on the players. We really recommend you to use any adblocker because it will make your browsing experience more smooth without any kind of pops and ads and you can watch your favorite movies without interruptions. Don't forget to bookmark 0123Movies if you like our website!